8.3 Leveling Information

Hey everyone, I’m super excited to be leveling 4 more warriors with the addition of 8.3, as such I figured I would put together another guide for everyone to be able to maximize their time and enjoyment with the new allied races!

Horde Route: (Different from AAP)


Step 0

If darkmoon faire is up, talk to DM NPC to teleport to DMF then goblin glide to the end and use 100 darkmoon daggermaw to purchase faded treasure map. Do the quest and get 100 tickets. Buy 10 hats. (This should last you 10 hours if you don’t die). On the way back, ride the DMF for the 1hr buff (putting you up to a total of 11hrs). At this point hearth back to Orgrimmar.

Step 1

Fly to silverwind refuge in Ashenvale and accept “We are here to do one, maybe two things”

Enter stonetalon mountains.

Follow the series of quests, its all pretty straight forward.

Bombs > Kill invisible mobs and get quest to kill invisible boss in the middle > Go to major fortress > Get the quests, finish those out in a circle, do the big daddy quest next. Go inside the mines, do all those. Continue. Be sure to mount the guns after you finish mine and big daddy quest. Use gunshoes if you have them and head to the bottom trail quest, there is a quest that you will run past if you take the main road, it will have you kill spiders (it’s towards the bottom near next quest hub, the orange line on my map). Go to main city get the quests to collect items/etc and do all of that while heading up to spiders quest, kill the spider (there may be a rare spider here in the far back, it’s black) then head back down. Continue to do all the quests in this area, when you enter the mine for the kobolds, at the very top there can be a treasure chest, and in the very back there is often a rare. Finish the rest of the quests with grimtotem and kobolds and then fly back to the fortress. Take the air balloon, and do the new series of quests that pop up. A rare is often up around the wyrems. Follow all of these quests until you finish the very last one where you find out all the druids have been burned. Fly all the way back to the very bottom (purple arrow) and head into southern barrens

Step 2

Head into southern barrens, and do all the quests that you encounter. They’re all pretty straight forward. Kill the humans, collect weapons, arm the slaves, kill more humans, kill the leader human. Continue down the route that I have shown on the map. It’s all very straight forward. When you reach desolation hold, grab all the quests and ignore finding an operative. Be sure to do the quest you get directly in the middle, it has you go up the tower and watch the dude get thrown off. Then go do the rest starting with setting fire to the bug mounds. Don’t bother looking for the operative, head into middle war zone kill stuff, you have to slash their bodies up with the dagger too, so don’t forget to do that! Continue on with the rest of the quests killing your way thru everything. The pathing is really simple. When you eventually get to the dwarven compound, the plans that you need to find are down the stairs at the bottom of the building. Finish everything else up and head to dustwallow

Step 3

So for Dustwallow you’ll be spending most of your time following a very straight forward path. You’re gonna collect all the quest items at the inn, head to down, GET ALL THE QUESTS (!!!!!) and then head along the orange line. You’ll get a bunch of quests here, some to kill zombies/frogs (marsh frogs that look like critters, you can loot them) and to kill murlocs (black arrow). A rare can spawn in the camp of murlocs that my arrow is pointing towards. Do all of this, you’ll end up having a bunch of spider quests, so head all the way to the cave and start killing spiders. On your way back kill the giant swamp creatures and some knockoff blood elves parading about as high elves as well as stopping by the tower in the middle for a quest (it’s not an escort, don’t freak out). Turn all that in, finish up the quests and head back to down. Next up you’ll follow the ogre and intercept an ambush, turn in some more quests, follow the red arrow back to the inn and head into the swamp. Do all of these quests, you can pull all the crocs and then drop the totem if you want, but this can only be done in the quagmire. IGNORE THE ZAPPY SLIME QUEST, IT IS A WASTE OF TIME AND NOT NEEDED. Head to goblin/ogre town, kill the raptors/etc first, a rare can spawn alongside the raptors. Turn quests in, clear out the dragonspawn areas. Turn in. Save the spirits of ogres, kill whelplings along the way. Turn in. Go to onyxias lairs, do all that stuff. Follow through until you get a quest back in black village, stop there and hearth.

Step 4

Get epic riding and head to Azshara, you can jump off and glider to azshara somewhat from where you get riding. Focus on killing as many visible deer as possible and any of the stealthed mobs that you can find. When you get inside the shredder, collect lumber, and then look for 3 nearby trees. Break down all 3 trees, and wait around each one for about .5 seconds so you get aggro. You kill mobs faster than the shredder does so this is much faster. After that head back to town, kill all the mobs. Then you have two options, if you’re a strong class (warrior/druid/etc) you can most likely solo the tree and save time by just running to it. Otherwise hop in the nearby shredder and get killing. Turn in all the quests and head to next hub. Loot stacks, kill crocs, If there isn’t a lot of crocs go up top to the right, there is generally 5-6 here. Pick up a stoned goblin (if you have gunshoes, use them, they don’t drop it like mounts do). Continue through here, the rest of the questing is super straight forward. Stop as soon as you get the quest to head back to the lake to talk about somebodies story. Do exorcise the tank though. Heart and head to undercity.

Step 5

Silverpine is more or less exactly the same as AAP. Enter the zone, pick up the quests, watch sylvanas be told to her watch her clever mouth, do all the quests, don’t his escape on the worgen cutscene, follow along doing everything. The most important change is included in the map (I also put stars by where rares are often located) do the insignia quest first when you get to Sepulcher, along with the worgen killing/etc. This unlocks a quest for the mine, it saves approximately 40 seconds by doing it this way rather than going back and forth. The rest remains the same, a point to make is when you get to the elite part in gilneas, focus the elite groups that have 4-6 dogs with them. It’s the fastest way to complete that. *not in AAP, when you get to Dalaran crater, kill the mana elementals, they drop a quest item. You need to kill 8 total. After all that is done, fly to southpoint gate (if allied race) when you get godfrey and entourage quests (its not worth doing)

Step 6

So its more or less exactly the same as AAP, I’ve marked the map with stars for rare locations and showcasing the pathing occurring here. It’s more or less all very straight forward. The biggest two changes are 1. Don’t bother using the wand on the dark rangers, it’s a waste of time in the grand scheme of things. 2. You should go to Alterac Valley quest area first, turn that in and come back then start on all of the top quests. Knock out each and everyone of those, look for the rares, then come back down, wand the fawns, kill the deers, kill the yetis, etc. Turn all that in and congratulations, you should be 60 or approximately 60. From here if you’re not you can head into WPL via the normal AAP pathing. I finished at nearly 61 but I had WM and 10% exp potion on.

Step 7

At this point it remains relatively the same between alliance and horde

Borean Tundra > Dragonblight > Grizzly Hills > Zul’Drak

I highly recommend that at 70 when you go to get epic flying that you head back to darkmoon faire and turn in all the quest books. It’ll give you approximately half a level, you can refresh your DMH buff, and purchase an additional 8 hats.

Step 8

Hopefully you hit around 81ish with the help of some of the quests in Grizz/Zul’Drak (Having a friend help you with arena at 80 is a nice boost)

You’ll do most of Mount Hyjal and some of Pandaria

Step 9

Frostfire Ridge > Gorgond (Arena, focus on killing specific mobs for xp quests, should finish at 101 if you wait to turn in after you hit 100)

First and foremost grab nearby resources (you need 100) to purchase a garrison accelerated learning potion (20%)

Focus on bonus objectives, quests and treasures up until about 93, then do the same in Gorgond. Take arena, and follow the very straight forward questing path while using an addon like handynotes to track treasures. There are 11 mobs you need to kill while under the effects of the arena buff Prove your Strength

Most of them can be found in the first quest you do to the right of the arena. Turn these all in after you hit 100 for a free level.

Step 10

Highmountain > Val’Sharah

Step 11

Zuldazar > Vol’dun > Nazmir


Step 1

Not much has changed from Azeroth Auto Pilot

Redridge > Duskwood > STV > Western Plaguelands > Loch Modan > Wetlands

Step 2

Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, Zul’Drak

Step 3

Mount Hyjal, Jade Forest, Kun Lai Summit

Step 4

Your goal is to do the basic introductory quests. You want to rush and save your resources and get your 100 resource accelerated learning potion (20% xp) as fast as possible. There are treasures you can loot in your garrison that will help achieve this.

Do the quests. Complete the bonus objectives. I focus on the first bottom half now and aim to be 94-95 by the time I leave Shadowmoon Valley. I cut through Talador and do three of the bonus objectives there. The burning forest, head to town, select the cannon buff, go east and do the tower (takes 1 minute to complete) then head back to the west and complete goblin shredder and wood bonus objective.

At this point you cut through Gorgond, do the bonus objectives but don’t finish them along the way up. Quests in Gorgond give twice as much XP as anywhere else. Choose Sparring Arena the same as horde and use it on the same enemies as horde. Prove your Strength

When you’re 99.9 pop your last 20% xp potion (you should time it this way so you get 1hr benefit of it through 100-110) and then finish all of the bonus objectives (stay away from the middle right one with the botanai, it takes too long). This should result in you hitting 103 inside of 10 minutes. Hopefully there is a legion invasion going on and you’ll hit 105.

Step 5

If a legion invasion is up, head there immediately. Unless its stormheim, you should be able to quest in the area without problem. The perfect scenario is Val’Sharah or Highmountain as far as questing is concerned. Lots of good XP in those two areas.

Step 6

This is important and I’ll need to do more work for horde to figure out this math but heirlooms are absolute shit for 110-120. (If you’re curious on the math behind it math )

So I recommend using this guide and cross referencing with wowhead to figure out the specific traits for your class that matter.

As a warrior that is cold steel hot blood, and resounding protection (I think resounding protection is BIS for every class) and CSHB is important because of the health regen. In short your ability to survive is your biggest tool for leveling quickly in BFA.

For warriors that means: Helmet from Magni quest, Shoulders from Tirgarde Song, and Chest from Zuldazar campaign (always do Zuldazar, it gives a ton of XP). This gives you 1x CSHB and 2x Resounding Protection making for a very strong defense. At that point you’d just heirloom swap items.

Your route should be Tirgarde (main quests only) > Zuldazar > Drustvar

Enchants and Stuff

Here is an enchant spreadsheet I put together.

You can find a list of talents and consumables as well listed here.

Some important things to discuss when leveling characters.

Minor speed

Gives 10% movement speed and stacks with movement speed buffs (IE Zandalari get 17% movement speed from cloak/boots/5% racial)


Amazing for 20-60 when you have WW and can constantly proc it in big pulls.


Scales all the way to 110, this should be your primary enchant from 65+

50 stat gems carry a lot of value, if you can get legendary gear with sockets, you’ll be extremely overpowered for 101-120. Socketed rings with your classes secondary and gemmed with 50+ gems and 50+ enchants will make your character incredibly strong.


If you’d like to join our speed leveling community you can find out more here


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